For those of you who remember Ann Wigmore and her center in Boston and the popularity of Michio Kushi and the Macrobiotic diet, this was the time my interest in healthy cooking and eating was born. At the time my sister in Sydney, Australia was also studying under Daniel Weber and living macrobiotically. While I was resided in Norfolk Island running a retail store while learning and studying the macrobiotic way of life.

To this day I have a collection of Michio Kushi’s books and enjoyed meeting him a few years back when he was in this area.

At age 13 I came top of my cooking class and at age 14 I was baking scones for my mother and Aunt’s afternoon tea. In my twenties while living in Norfolk Island I cooked macrobiotically and baked using rice syrup, carob and maple syrup. I also wrote a weekly newspaper column for a year titled, “Food For Infinity” which was based on the macrobiotic diet.

Now having graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and living in Santa Barbara, CA I marvel at the wide variety of fruits, vegetables and ingredients that are readily available to us through-out the year. The possibilities it seems are endless and yet I still find myself drawn to macrobiotics and though I consume too much fruit to be considered Macrobiotic, many of the macro staples still form the basis of my diet today.

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