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Your Favorite Cookie

Cookies come in many different sizes, shapes, textures and are made with a wide variety of ingredients. They can be hard and crunchy, hard around the edges and soft in the middle or soft and chewy. It is the ingredients used when baking a batch of cookies that determines the end result. For example using […]

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Healthy Swiss Chard

Chard is also known by its many common names such as Swiss chard, silverbeet, perpetual spinach, spinach beet, crab beet, bright lights, seakale beet, and mangold. My first memory of this vegetable was growing-up in New Zealand where we called it by the name silverbeet. Now living in California I know it as Swiss chard.

Chard […]

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Let Them Eat Scones

Traditional English scones are often made plain with nothing added or they may include currants or sultanas. When made plain they are served with jam, preserves or lemon curd and whipped or clotted cream for added flavor.

When I started baking scones many years ago they were traditional English scones and either plain, with sultanas, cheese […]

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Santa Barbara Public Market

The Santa Barbara Public Market houses a collection of upscale vendors under one roof and offers everything you can imagine in the way of handcrafted, regionally sourced and sustainably produced food.
Each vendor located in the Public Market offers a unique perspective and together they represent the best Santa Barbara has to offer. Whether you are […]

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Exotic Fall Fruit

My personal taste for pineapple guavas or Feijoas developed as a child growing-up in New Zealand. In the north island of New Zealand they are often planted to form hedges and create an edible landscape. As evergreen trees with striking glossy-green leaves that are silvery white on the underside, Feijoas when kept pruned are perfect […]

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